AM5890S Datasheet – 5 Ch, BTL Driver IC for DVD Player



The AM5890S is a five-channel BTL driver IC for driving the motors and actuators such as those used in the DVD players and consists of two independent precision voltage regulators with adjustable range from 1.25V to 4 V. In addition, an under-voltage detection circuit is built to do Resetting Function. Also, Package is Pb-free for environmental protection.

Part NumberAM5890S
Function5 channel BTL driver IC for DVD Player
PackageHSOP 28 Pin Type
DatasheetDownload PDF AM5890S pdf

AM5890S Features

  • Two channels are voltage-type BTL drivers for actuators of tracking and focus. Two channels are voltage-type BTL drivers for sled and spindle motors. It also built-in one-channel bi-direction DC motor driver for the tray.
  • Wide dynamic range [9.0V (typ.) when Vcc1= Vcc2= 12V, at RL= 20Ω load].
  • Separating the power of Vcc1 and Vcc2 is to improve power efficiency by a low supply voltage for tracking, focus, and spindle.
  • Level shift circuit built-in.
  • Thermal shutdown circuit built-in.
  • Mute mode is built-in.
  • Dual actuator drivers: A general-purpose input OP provides differential input for signal addition. The output structure is two-power OPAMPS in a bridge configuration.
  • Sled motor driver: A general-purpose input OP provides differential input for signal addition. The output structure is one power OPAMP in a bridge configuration.
  • Spindle driver: Single input linear BTL driver. The output structure is two power OPAMPS in a bridge configuration.
  • Tray-in-out driver: The DC motor driver supports forward/reverse control for the tray motor.
  • 2 Built-in regulator controllers: Adjustable range 1.25V ~ 4V
  • Under voltage detection

AM5890S Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25°C)

  Supply voltageVcc1 Vcc2 VccD  13.5V
Power dissipationPd*1.7W
Operate Temp rangeTopr-35 ~ +85
Storage Temp rangeTstg**-55 ~ +150
  • When mounted on a 70mm×70mm×1.6mm glass epoxy board.
  • Reduced by 13.6mW for each increase in Ta of 1℃ over 25℃.
  • Should not exceed Pd or ASO and Tj=150°C values

AM5890S Pinout

Pin Definitions

PIN NoPin NamePin Description
1VINFCInput for focus driver
2TRB_1Regulator voltage output, connect to the external transistor collector
3REGO2Regulator voltage output, connect to external transistor collector
4VINSL+Input for the sled driver
5REGO1The speed control input of tray driver
6FWDTray driver forward input
7REVTray driver reverse input
8Vcc1Vcc for pre-drive block and power block of sled and tray
9VOTR-Tray driver output (-)
10VOTR+Tray driver output (+)
11VOSL+Sled driver output (+)
12VOSL-Sled driver output (-)
13VOFC-Focus driver output (-)
14VOFC+Focus driver output (+)
15VOTK+Tracking driver output (+)
16VOTK-Tracking driver output (-)
17VOLD+Spindle driver output (+)
18VOLD-Spindle driver output (-)
19Vcc2Vcc for power block of the spindle, tracking, and focus
20VCCDInpu for voltage detection
21VCTLConnect to the external transistor base
23VINLDInput for spindle driver
24RSETOutput for voltage detection
25TRB_2Connect to external transistor base
26VINTKInput for tracking driver
27BIASInput for reference voltage
28MUTEInput for mute control


  • BTL driver for CD, CD-ROM, and DVD

AM5890S Datasheet

Download the AM5890S IC Datasheet from the link given below.