NB7232 Datasheet – Stepless Speed Dimmer IC



The NB7232 is a specialized integrated circuit (IC) that comes in a Small Outline Package (SOP) with 8 pins. This compact and versatile IC is designed to cater to a wide range of electronic applications, offering an ideal solution for various circuit designs.

NB7232 touch (key) step-less dimming (speed control) / switching circuit, is a new product of Ningbo Science and Technology Park Silicon Microelectronics Co., Ltd. optimized design and process improvement, fully compatible with the early LS7232, CS7232, M7232 The SM7232 is a CMOS process with a working voltage of 5V. The performance and stability of the LS7232 (operating voltage of 15V) using the PMOS process is much better.

Part NumberNB7232
FunctionStepless Speed Control Touch Dimmer
PackageSOP 8 Pin Type
DatasheetDownload PDF AM5890S pdf

NB7232 Features

  • Small Outline Package (SOP) with 8 pins.
  • Versatile application in various electronic circuits.
  • Easy surface-mounting onto PCBs.
  • High performance and reliable operation.
  • Low power consumption.

NB7232 Pinout


Widely used in the control of incandescent lighting (table lamps, chandeliers, etc.) and motor speed (table fan, ceiling fan, vacuum cleaner, etc.) 

NB7232 Datasheet

Download the NB7232 IC Datasheet from the link given below.