NPN Inductive Proximity Sensor


Inductive Proximity Sensor Detection Switch NPN DC6-36V 4mm Normally Open proximity switch, also known as Inductive sensors, metal sensors. For those who 3D print a lot or 3D printing beginners, manually leveling a 3D printer can be time-consuming and a bit mysterious. Getting it “just right” requires a good eye and constant attention while printing the first layer. Well, here comes the Inductive proximity sensor switch for 3D printer auto-leveling.

This inductive proximity sensor switch makes the auto-leveling function for 3D printers more accurate and convenient. This feature will enable your printer to take several bed leveling readings and calculate a level plane so your prints are always level. While printing each layer, your z-axis will be in constant motion to compensate for an un-level bed.


  • Post Production Configuration and Calibration
  • Programmable Decision Thresholds
  • Programmable Hysteresis
  • Flexible Overload Protection
  • Digital Temperature Compensation
  • Integrated LED driver


Pin NamePin Description
VINVoltage Input Pin / VCC pin
GNDGround pin
OUTOutput Pin


Product NameInductive Proximity Switch.
Modelnot available
TheoryInductive Sensor.
Wire Type3 Wire Type (Brown, Blue, Black).
Switch Appearance TypeCylinder Type, Metal Shell.
Output TypeNPN NC.
Detecting Distance4 mm.
Supply VoltageDC 6 V-36 V.
Output Current 300mA.
Detect ObjectIron.
Column Sensor Diameter 10.4mm/0.4″
Thread Diameter12mm/0.5″.
Total Size 66 x 21 mm/ 2.6” x 0.8” (L x Max.D)
Cable Length 1.16m/35.7”.
External MaterialPlastic, Metal.
Net Weight 43 gm.
ColorSilver Tone, Orange, Gray


  • Object detection: Detects the presence or absence of metallic objects in proximity.
  • Automation systems: Used in manufacturing and industrial automation for part detection and positioning.
  • Conveyor systems: Detects objects on conveyor belts for sorting and control purposes.
  • Safety systems: Ensures personnel safety by detecting the presence of objects or individuals in restricted areas.
  • Robotics: Used for object detection and proximity sensing in robotic applications.
  • Level sensing: Determines the level of liquid or granular materials in tanks or containers.
  • Parking systems: Detects the presence of vehicles for parking management and guidance.
  • Machine monitoring: Monitors the operation of machines by detecting the presence of moving parts.
  • Material handling: Facilitates the movement and positioning of materials in assembly lines or warehouses.
  • Security systems: Detects unauthorized entry or tampering in secured areas.


Download the Datasheet of the NPN Proximity Sensor from the link given below.