50kg Half bridge Load Cell Sensor


This is a half-bridge load sensor, which is widely used in weight scales. When the half-bridge is being stretched, it sends a signal via the red signal wire. You can use multiple load sensors simultaneously to increase the capacity range.
Two sensors full-bridge measurements: 50kgx2=100kg
Four sensor full-bridge measurements: 50kgx4=200kg
Parallel use to add additional capacity


  • Output Resistance (): 100010
  • Insulation Resistance (M): 2000 (100VDC)
  • Excitation Voltage (V): 10
  • Operation Temp. Range (C): -10~ 50
  • Overload Capacity (%F.S): 150
  • Method of connecting wire: Red= Sig ; White= Exc ; Black= Exc



Capacity (kg)50
Comprehensive error (%F.S)0.10
Output sensitivity (mv/V)1.0 0.15%
Nonlinearity (%F.S)0.05
Repeatability (%F.S)0.05
Temp. Effect on zero (%F.S/10C)0.3
Temp. Effect on Output (%F.S/10 C)0.1
Zero Output (mv/V)0.3
Input Resistance ()1000 10
Method of connecting wireRed= Sig ; White= Exc ; Black= Exc
Dimension (mm)34*34*8


  • Weight measurement: The 50kg Half bridge Load Cell Sensor is primarily used for accurate weight measurement in various applications.
  • Industrial weighing systems: The load cell sensor finds applications in industrial weighing systems, such as scales, conveyor belts, or hopper weighing. It enables precise weight measurement for quality control, inventory management, or production processes.
  • Logistics and Shipping: The load cell sensor is commonly used in logistics and shipping applications. It allows for weight measurement of packages, pallets, or containers, ensuring accurate documentation, freight calculations, and load optimization.


Download the Datasheet of the 50kg Load Cell Sensor from the link given below.