74LS07 Hex Buffer/Driver (Open Collector)


The 74LS series of integrated circuits (ICs) was one of the most popular logic families of transistor-transistor logic (TTL) logic chips. 74LS series is a bipolar, low-power Schottky IC. 74LS07 hex buffer and driver feature high-voltage open-collector outputs to interface with high-level circuits or for driving high-current loads. They are also characterized for use as buffers for driving TTL inputs. The 74LS07 device have a rated output voltage of 30 V. The maximum sink current is 40 mA.

74LS07 Features

  • Six Independent Hex Buffer Gates
  • Open Collector Outputs Require Pull-Up Resistors
  • Open Collector Type Suitable for Indicator Lamps and Relays
  • Input Clamping Diodes
  • Standard TTL Switching Voltages

74LS07 Specifications

Supply Voltage4.75 – 5.25Vdc
Maximum Clock Frequency40Mhz
Power Dissipation2mW/gate @100kHz
Minimum Output Current8mA
Propagation Delay10nS
Fan Out (TTL Loads)20

74LS07 Pinout Diagram

74LS07 Pin Description

Pin NoPin NameDescription
1A1Hex Buffer 1 Input
2Y1 Hex Buffer 1 Output
3A2 Hex Buffer 2 Input
4Y2 Hex Buffer 2 Output
5A3 Hex Buffer 3 Input
6Y3 Hex Buffer 3 Output
8Y4 Hex Buffer 4 Output
9A4 Hex Buffer 4 Input
10Y5 Hex Buffer 5 Output
11A5 Hex Buffer 5 Input
12Y6 Hex Buffer 6 Output
13A6 Hex Buffer 6 Input
14VCCPositive Supply

74LS07 Circuit

Here is a simple circuit for Buffer Implementation using a single NPN Transistor.


  • AV Receivers
  • Audio Docks: Portable
  • Blu-ray Players and Home Theaters
  • MP3 Players or Recorders
  • Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)
  • Power: Telecom/Server AC/DC Supply: Single
  • Controller: Analog and Digital
  • Solid-State Drives (SSD): Client and Enterprise
  • TVs: LCD, Digital, and High-Definition (HDTV)

74LS07 Alternative Equivalent


Download 74LS07 Hex Buffer/Driver (Open Collector) Datasheet from the link given below.