CSC2313F Datasheet – Digital Stereo Audio IC



The CSC2313F is a cutting-edge digital stereo audio integrated circuit (IC) that revolutionizes the way we experience sound. Designed with advanced technology and meticulous engineering, this IC delivers exceptional audio performance and versatility, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

  • Part Number: CSC2313F
  • Function: Digital Stereo sound with loudness control processor
  • Package: SOP28 Pin
  • Manufacturer: Crystal Source Microelectronics, CSChip

CSC2313F Features

  • Input multiplexer
  • 3 Stereo input
  • Different sources with the best adaptation of selectable input gain
  • Loudness function
  • Volume Control (per level 1.25dB)
  • Treble and bass controls
  • Attenuator four speakers
  • Separate mute function
  • The serial I2C bus can be programmed to implement all functions

CSC2313F Pinout


  • Stereo car stereo
  • Fidelity audio systems

CSC2313F Datasheet

Download CSC2313F Digital Stereo Audio IC Datasheet from the link given below.