KY-025 Reed Switch Sensor


The KY-025 Reed Switch Sensor is a versatile electronic component used for detecting the presence or absence of a magnetic field. This sensor module consists of a reed switch enclosed in a protective housing. When a magnetic field is applied to the proximity of the sensor, the reed switch inside it is triggered, causing a change in its electrical state. This makes the KY-025 Reed Switch Sensor ideal for various applications such as magnetic door/window sensors, security systems, proximity detection, and automation projects. With its compact size and reliable performance, this sensor module offers a convenient and effective solution for detecting magnetic fields and enabling interaction between the physical and digital worlds.


  • Fixed Bolt Hole for Easy Installation
  • Using a Wide Voltage LM393 Comparator
  • Applies to PBX, Photocopiers, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Cameras, Disinfection Cabinets, Doors, Window magnetics, electromagnetic relays, electronic weighing, level meters, gas meters, water meters, etc
  • Comparator Output, Clean Signal, Great Waveform, and Strong Driving Ability
  • Open Reed Switch
  • 3 Pin Module


Pin NamePin Description
DODigital Output
VCCPower Supply
AOAnalog Output


Working voltage3.3V~12V
Output formatdigit switch output (0 and 1)


  • Security systems: The KY-025 Reed Switch Sensor can be used in security systems to detect the opening or closing of doors, windows, or gates. It can trigger alarms or activate security measures when unauthorized access is detected.
  • Proximity sensing: The reed switch sensor can be utilized for proximity sensing applications, such as detecting the presence or absence of objects or individuals in a defined area. It can be used in automated systems or interactive displays that respond to the proximity of users.
  • Magnetic field detection: The KY-025 Reed Switch Sensor is sensitive to changes in magnetic fields. It can be employed to detect the presence or movement of magnetic objects, such as magnets, magnetic strips, or magnetic tags.


Download the Datasheet of the KY-025 Reed Switch Sensor from the link given below.