MAX232 RS232 to TTL Converter Module 


This RS232 to TTL Serial Interface Module is a board with the MAX3232 transceiver integrated circuit (IC). It facilitates serial communication between TTL and RS232 ports by providing the necessary electrical signal conversion.

These boards usually have a DB9 connector soldered at one end and four header pins with jumper cables at the other end. The jumper cables enable the user to connect the wires to a breadboard or a microcontroller project board, whilst the DB9 connects directly to a COM port of a computer.

The MAX3232CSE+ IC comes in a 16-pin narrow SO package. It requires between 3.0 V to 5.5 V to operate and has two receivers and two transmitters. It has a maximum guaranteed data rate of 120 kbps, and the circuitry requires four 0.1µF charge-pump support capacitors. It is also compatible with the famous MAX3232 IC pins. These boards connect to systems with a UART  hence, they work with ATMEL and PIC microcontrollers.

MAX3232 RS232 Serial Port To TTL Converter Module DB9 Connector 5V RS232 to TTL + Female Serial TTL + serial modules / Brush board. This module can be used to the serial port of the microcontroller module to expand DVD, router, hard drive, and other equipment to upgrade.


  • It is widely used in radio modification, phone flash, XBOX360 flash, GPS, vehicle detection, DVD flash, and hard disk repair set-top box upgrade.
  •  It Can be used to program STC MCU, NXP MCU, Renesas MCU, STM32 MCU, N+-2EC MCU
  • Pre-Assembled Compact Size Board
  • Suitable for use with most microcontrollers


Pin NamePin Description
TxTransmitter ( R1OUT on MAX3232 Chip)
RxReceiver ( D1IN on MAX3232 Chip)
Vcc3.3V or 5V
T2OD2OUT on MAX3232 chip
R2IR2IN on MAX3232 chip
R2OD2OUT on MAX3232 chip
T2ID2IN on MAX3232 chip


  • 4-pin connector – GND, Logic out (STX), +5v, Logic In (SRX)
  • Suitable for use with most microcontrollers
  • 300 to 115200 bauds
  • Pre-assembled board
  • DB9 Female Connector (RS-232)
  • Standard Header Connector (TTL)


  • Interfacing microcontrollers or microprocessors with RS232 devices: The MAX232 converter module allows easy and reliable communication between microcontrollers or microprocessors operating at TTL logic levels and RS232 devices that use higher voltage levels. It enables bidirectional data transfer between the two systems.
  • Serial communication with legacy devices: Many legacy devices, such as barcode scanners, modems, and industrial equipment, still use RS232 communication. The MAX232 converter module can be used to connect modern TTL-based systems to these older devices, enabling seamless data exchange.


Download Datasheet MAX232 RS232 to TTL Converter Module from the link given below.