R305 Fingerprint Scanner Module


This is R305 Fingerprint processing includes two processes: fingerprint registration process and fingerprint matching process (fingerprint matching which is divided into fingerprint matching (1: 1) and fingerprint search (1: N) in two ways]. When the fingerprint is registered, entry twice for each fingerprint, and processing the image, a composite template is stored in the module. Fingerprint matching, through the fingerprint sensor, enters the fingerprint image and processing, and then matches the comparison with the module fingerprint template (if it is matched by a template specified in the module, known as fingerprint matching, that is 1: 1 mode. It is called fingerprint search mode (1: N mode) if it is matched with multiple templates. The module gives the result of checking (pass or fail).


  • Relative humidity: <90% H (no condensation)
  • Optical module (C3) overall dimensions (L × W × H): 47.65mm x 20.50mm x 21.20mm
  • Capacitive module dimensions: Main control board (L × W × H): 35mm x 28mm x 7mm
  • Sensors (L × W): 33.4mm x 20.4mm
  • Scratch-type module dimensions: Main control board (L × W × H): 35mm x 28mm x 7mm
  • Sensor board (L × W × H): 24mm x 20mm x 5mm


Pin NamePin Description
DNC White wires
VCC Red wire
TX Blue wire
RX Green Wire
GND Black wire


Profile256 bytes
Template file512 bytes
Power supply voltage 5V DC
Operating current<120mA
Peak current<130mA
Fingerprint image input time<0.5 seconds
Window area18.5 mm x 14.6 mm
Storage capacity200 pieces
Security levelFive (from low to high: 1,2,3,4,5) system default 3
FAR<0.001% (security level is 3)
Rejection rate (FRR)<1.0% (security level 3)
Search time<1.0 seconds (1: 500 average)
Host computer interfaceUART (TTL logic level)
Communication baud rate (UART)(9600XN) bps Where N = 1 ~ 6 (default value N = 6, namely 57600bps)
Temperature-25 °C to +55 °C
Storage temperature-40 °C to +85 °C


  • Biometric authentication: The R305 Fingerprint Scanner Module is commonly used for biometric authentication purposes. It can capture and store fingerprint data, allowing for secure identification and access control in various applications.
  • Door locks and security systems: The sensor module can be integrated into door locks and security systems. It enables fingerprint-based access control, enhancing security and eliminating the need for traditional keys or passwords.
  • Time and attendance systems: The R305 sensor module finds applications in time and attendance systems. It can be used to accurately record employee attendance by scanning their fingerprints, providing a reliable and tamper-proof method of tracking working hours.


Download the Datasheet of the R305 Fingerprint Scanner Module from the link given below.