TDA6509A Datasheet – 3-Band Mixer/Oscillator and PLL IC



This device is a programmable 3-band mixer oscillator and synthesizer intended for LOW, MID, and HIGH-band TV and VCR tuners. It has three double-balanced mixers and three oscillators for the LOW, MID, and HIGH bands respectively, a PLL synthesizer, and an IF amplifier. There are four package variants: TDA6508, TDA6509, TDA6508A, and TDA6509A. Versions TDA6508; TDA6509 have a symmetrical IF amplifier; versions TDA6508A; TDA6509A have an asymmetrical IF amplifier,

The common output of all three mixers can be connected, via two output pins, to an external IF filter to enable shunted IF bandpass and/or serial filtering for improved signal handling. Two input pins are available for connecting the output of the external filter to the input of the IF amplifier. The mixer output has an impedance of 300 Ω. The IF amplifier input has an impedance of 2.5 kΩ (5 pF).

The overall gain of the tuner can be increased at low signal amplitude conditions to improve TV reception by activating a weak signal booster via the I2C bus.

Part NumberTDA6509A
Function 3-Band Mixer/Oscillator and PLL for Terrestrial tuner
PackageTSSOP, HVQFN 32 type
ManufacturerPhilips Electronics
DatasheetDownload PDF AM5890S pdf

TDA6509A Features

  • Single-chip 5 V mixer/oscillator and synthesizer for TV, VCR tuners, DVD-R, and PC TV.
  • I2C bus protocol compatible with 3.3 V and 5 V microcontrollers
    • Address with 4 data bytes transmission (I2C-bus ‘write’ mode)
    • Address with 1 status byte (I2C-bus ‘read’ mode)
    • 4 independent I2C-bus addresses.
  • 5 Positive-channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor (PMOS) output ports
    • 3 buffers for band selection (20 mA)
    • 2 buffers for general purpose, e.g. FM sound trap (5 mA).
  • 33 V tuning voltage output
  • In-lock flag
  • 5-step analog-to-digital converter (3 bits in I2C-bus mode)
  • 15-bit programmable divider
  • Programmable reference divider ratio (64, 80, or 128)
  • Programmable charge-pump current (20 or 100 mA)
  • Balanced mixer with a common emitter input for LOW band (single input)
  • Balanced mixer with a common emitter input for MID band (balanced input)
  • Balanced mixer with a common base input for HIGH band (balanced input)
  • 2-pin asymmetrical oscillator for LOW band
  • 2-pin symmetrical oscillator for MID band
  • 2-pin symmetrical oscillator for HIGH band
  • External 4-pin IF filter between mixer output (medium impedance) and IF amplifier input (high impedance)
  • Weak signal booster (I2C-controlled switchable gain amplifier)
  • Low power
  • Low radiation
  • Small size
  • TDA6508; TDA6509: symmetrical IF amplifier output to drive a SAW filter 1.25k ohm
  • TDA6508A; TDA6509A: single-ended IF amplifier to drive low ohmic load (75 ohm).


Measured over full voltage and temperature ranges.

VCCsupply voltage 4.555.5V
ICCsupply currentVCC = 5 V; all ports off435874mA
fxtalcrystal oscillator frequencyRxtal = 25 W to 300 W3.584.04.43MHz
Ptottotal power dissipation 290385mW
TstgIC storage temperature -40+150°C
Tambambient temperature -20+85°C

TDA6509A Pinout

Pin Definitions

TDA6508; TDA6508ATDA6509; TDA6509A
HIGH_RFIN1132HIGH band RF input 1
HIGH_RFIN2231HIGH band RF input 2
MID_RFIN1330MID band RF input 1
MID_RFIN2429MID band RF input 2
LOW_RFIN528LOW band RF input
RF_GND627RF ground
MIX_OUT1726mixer output 1 (to external IF filter)
MIX_OUT2825mixer IF output 2 (to external IF filter)
IFAMP_IN1924IF amplifier input 1 (from external IF filter)
IFAMP_IN21023IF amplifier input 2 (from external IF filter)
P21122HIGH band port output
P11221MID band port output
P01320LOW band port output
P31419general purpose port – test mode output
SDA1518serial data input/output
SCL1617serial clock input
XTAL_REF1716crystal oscillator reference signal input
ADC/P41815ADC input/general purpose port output
CP1914charge-pump output
VT2013tuning voltage output
AS2112address selection input
PLL_GND2211PLL ground
IFAMP_OUT12310IF amplifier output 1
IFAMP_OUT2249IF amplifier output 2 (TDA6508 and TDA6509 only)
IF_GND249IF ground (TDA6508A and TDA6509A only)
VCC258supply voltage
HIGH_OSCIN1267HIGH band oscillator input 1
HIGH_OSCIN2276HIGH band oscillator input 2
MID_OSCIN1285MID band oscillator input 1
MID_OSCIN2294MID band oscillator input 2
OSC_GND303oscillator ground
LOW_OSCOUT312LOW band oscillator output
LOW_OSCIN321LOW band oscillator input


  • 3-band tuner for terrestrial TV, DVD-R, VCR, and PC TV.

TDA6509A Datasheet

Download the TDA6509A IC Datasheet from the link given below.