X9C104 100k Digital Potentiometer Module


The X9C104 digital potentiometer module helps you simulate the mechanical control of a potentiometer. The integrated circuit contains 99 series-related resistors. With a microcontroller, you can control the 100K Potentiometer module and select the place where the center pin of the “potentiometer” is connected, anywhere in the 100 points available(at the ends of the group or between the resistor). The X9C104 potentiometer consists of inserting 100 resistors of 1K ohm value. from the pins we can select the number of resistors we want, so we can digitally vary the resistance of the potentiometer. The Programmable Resistor device dissipates a power of 10 mW and supports resistors with a maximum current of 4.4 mA. This module has varied applications and can be used as a resistive divider, and variable resistance, these are used in different schemes with operational amplifiers or other analog circuits.

Features of X9C104 100k Digital Potentiometer

  • Solid-State Potentiometer
  • Three-Wire Serial Interface
  • 99 Resistive Elements
  • Low Power CMOS
  • High Reliability

Pinout of X9C104

Pin NamePin Description
VCCModule power supply – 5V
INCChanging resistor command
U/DUP / Down. Adjusting resistor
CSChip Select. Active LOW
VCCModule power supply – 5V
RHResistor High
RWRegulated Resistor
RLResistor Low

Specifications of X9C104

Operating Voltage5V
Total resistance100K ohm
Port voltage5V~5V
InterfaceCS, U/D, INC
Resistance increase mode Linear
Working current3mA


Download X9C104 100k Digital Potentiometer Module Datasheet from the link given below.