Xbee Adapter Explorer USB Adapter Module


Easy to use USB adapter board for XBee radios. Ideal for use as a base unit and for configuring radios using X-CTU software. Includes an onboard 3.3V / 500mA voltage regulator to supply sufficient power for the high-power 60mW XBee radios.

The XBee Adapter Explorer USB Adapter Module is a powerful and flexible device that enables seamless communication between XBee wireless modules and a computer. Designed to simplify the integration of XBee modules into various systems, this adapter module offers a convenient and reliable solution for wireless connectivity.

The XBee Adapter Explorer USB Adapter Module acts as a bridge between the XBee wireless modules and a computer’s USB port. It provides a reliable connection interface, allowing users to configure, program, and exchange data wirelessly with XBee modules using their computers.


  • USB 2.0 compatible Serial Interface
  • 3.3V and 5V compatible I/Os
  • 3.3V and 5V dual power outputs
  • Reset button for XBEE modules
  • LEDs for UART and XBEE operations
  • Type B USB connector
  • Hardware Handshaking is fully supported


Pin NamePin Description
VCCPower Supply
D-Data Pin(-)
D+Data Pin(+)
NCNot Connected
GNDGround Pin


Frequency2.4 GHz (ISM)
Antenna optionsIntegrated hip antenna
Indoor/Urban rangeUp to 100 ft (30 m)
Outdoor RF line of sight rangeUp to 300 ft (100 m)
Transmit power output:1 mW (0 dBm


  • IoT applications: The module finds applications in Internet of Things (IoT) projects. It enables wireless connectivity and communication between IoT devices, facilitating data exchange and remote control.
  • Robotics: The XBee Adapter Explorer USB Adapter Module can be used in robotics applications. It allows for wireless communication between robot components, enabling control, coordination, and data sharing among various robot modules.
  • Data logging and telemetry: The module can be used for data logging and telemetry applications. It enables the wireless transmission of sensor data or telemetry information to a central monitoring or data collection system.


Download the Datasheet of the Xbee Adapter Explorer USB Adapter Module from the link given below.