YZC-133 20kg Range Weighing Sensor Load Cell Sensor


Introducing the YZC-131 20kg Range Weighing Sensor Load Cell Sensor, an advanced and versatile device engineered to provide precise weight measurements in a wide range of applications. Designed to handle weights up to 20 kilograms, this load cell sensor offers exceptional accuracy and reliability for industries requiring high-capacity weighing solutions.

The YZC-131 load cell sensor is specifically built to meet the demands of industrial environments, laboratory settings, and other weight-sensitive applications. With its robust construction and cutting-edge technology, it ensures accurate and consistent results, making it ideal for material handling systems, packaging machinery, and quality control processes.


  • 20kg weight range for measuring heavier loads
  • High precision and accuracy in weight measurement
  • Aluminum construction for durability and lightweight design
  • Compact and space-saving size
  • Easy to integrate and mount in various applications



Rated Load20Kg
Rated Output1.0 ±0.15mV/V
Zero Output±0.1mV/V
Input EndRed+, Black-
Output EndGreen+, White-
Input Impedance1115±10% Ω
Output Impedance1000±10% Ω
Maximum working voltage15V DC
Operating temperature range-20~60°C
Total Size80 x 13 x 13mm/3.14 x 0.51 x 0.51″(L x W x H)


  • Industrial weighing systems and scales for heavier objects
  • Warehouse and logistics applications for weighing larger packages or pallets
  • Material handling and inventory management in manufacturing industries
  • Weighing systems for heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks or forklifts


Download Datasheet for YZC-133 20kg Range Weighing Load Cell Sensor from the link given below.