Espressif ESP8266 Serial ESP-01 WiFi Module


Espressif ESP8266 Serial ESP-01 WiFi Module offers a user-friendly WiFi SoC (system on a chip) solution to meet the continuous demands for a power-friendly, compact and reliable solution to a vast range of issues in the IoT Industry. The Espressif ESP8266 Serial ESP-01 WiFi Module is integrated with TCP/IP protocol stack that can give any MCU access to your home, work, or industrial WiFi network.

The module can perform either as a standalone application or as a slave to a host MCU. Espressif ESP8266 Serial ESP-01 WiFi Module can be applied to any MCU design as a Wi-Fi adaptor through SPI/SDIO or UART interfaces. The ESP8266 WIFI module also features an upgraded version of Ten silica’s L106 Diamond series 32-bit processor and SoC SRAM, allowing easy interfacing with external sensors and other devices through the GPIOs.


Espressif ESP8266 Serial ESP-01 Key Features

  • Low-cost, compact and powerful Wi-Fi Module
  • Can be used as Station or Access Point or both combined
  • Supports Deep sleep (<10uA)
  • Supports serial communication hence compatible with many development platforms like Arduino
  • Can be programmed using Arduino IDE or AT-commands or Lua Scrip
  • 802.11 b/g/n support
  • 802.11 n support (2.4 GHz), up to 72.2 Mbps
  • 2 x virtual Wi-Fi interface
  • Automatic beacon monitoring (hardware TSF)
  • Support Infrastructure BSS Station mode/SoftAP mode/Promiscuous mode

ESP8266 Serial ESP-01 Pinout


Pin Description

Pin NamePin No.Description
Ground1Ground Pin
TX/GPIO-12Acts as a general purpose I/O,
can also be connected to the RX pin of the programmer
to upload the source program
GPIO-23General purpose Input/output pin

4Chip Enable – Active high
GPIO – 05General purpose Input/output pin 0
Reset6Resets the module
General purpose Input/output pin 3
Vcc8Chip Supply Voltage (3.3V Only)

Espressif ESP8266 Serial ESP-01 Specifications

  • Power Supply: +3.3V only
  • Current Consumption: 100mA
  • I/O Voltage:  3.6V (max)
  • I/O source current: 12mA (max)
  • Built-in low power 32-bit MCU @ 80MHz
  • 512kB Flash Memory
  • 8Mbit external QSPI flash memory (1MByte)
  • 32-bit Tensilica Xtensa LX106 CPU running 80MHz
  • 3.3V supply (current can spike 300mA+, depending on mode)
  • PCB-trace antenna
  • 2 x 4 dual-in-line pinout
  • Dimensions: 14.3 x 24.8mm
  • weight: 1.5g


  • Home appliances
  • Home automation
  • Smart plugs and lights
  • Industrial wireless control
  • Baby monitors
  • IP cameras
  • Sensor networks
  • Wearable electronics


You can download the datasheet for Espressif ESP8266 Serial ESP-01WiFi Module by clicking the link given below:

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